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Welcome to the Petsearch West Lothian web site!
Contact Telephone Number 01506 870305. OR 07494549386  (petsearchwestl@aol.com) FACEBOOK- Petsearch westlothian facebook.
  • Our principal aim is to get help for all pets that are lost or in distress, in the West Lothian catchment area.
  • We are not a charity, WE ARE A VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION and we know firsthand what it is like to lose a pet to a motor vehicle or never to be found.
  • Our Helpline is run by Two ladies and a kind gentle-man, entirely voluntarily. But if we manage to trace your pet a DONATION would be gratefully received to pay our administrative overheads i.e. Vet Bills, Telephone bills, Stationery, Web-site, Petrol and Cat food/litter for overnight stays.
  • Some of the Cats need medical attention. (Flea'd & wormed.)

     Very important message to dog owners.  All Dogs must be Micro-chipped from 6 APRIL 2016. (By Law). A fine will be issued if you do-not action.

      .  Have you taken in a stray or feeding a stray cat or dog please ring us.

  • We check other Organisations, to check if they hold information on lost/found pets we have on record, ie West Lothian cat Protection, Lost cats Scotland, Council Cleansing,  Lothian cat rescue, SSPCA, Animal Search UK, Missing Pets UK and Gumtree Edinburgh.

Petsearch has found Cats & Dogs with Microchips, which is fantastic but many have not up-dated their information, with the Chipping Company. If your details have change ie  Address or Phone no. (land-line or Mobile). Ring the Chipping Company as soon as possible. (Numbers to be found on Links Page).
If you have taken in a cat during 2019/2020 which was a stray coming into your garden, please take it to your local Vet and check for a Micro-Chip. Try a Paper Collar with your phone number on. (Or give us a ring.) These cats would have been in good condition and greatly missed.  

  • We keep a register of all pets that have been reported lost or found and try to match these reports so that the animals may be returned to their owners.(Our records have a Number  to each animal reported to us)
  • We also scan found pets that are Reported to us, by the public and return them to their owners.
  • We scan and record cats that have been killed by vehicles. (Information given to us by the public or Council Cleansing).
  • We provide helpful information on our Links page to deal with most situations and hold details of Rescue centres, Vets, Wild life experts, SSPCA etc.
If you have Lost or Found an animal please fill in the form on the Contact Us page or phone 01506 870305.We now have a FACEBOOK Page. See Petsearch westlothian facebook